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Thank you for your interest I am currently on maternity leave until March of 2010. If you would like to book a session please send an email to or book using the link at the bottom of the blog. I will only be taking 4-6 sessions for the first few months so space is very limited! If you have previously sent an email and have not received a response as of Friday January 22nd please resend your question. Having been on bed rest for so long some communications have been lost in the shuffle! I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your families!

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Happy Easter | Maryland Lifestyle Photographer

<3 Happy Easter from our family to yours! <3

We've had a busy week in our house...not getting home until after 8:00 most nights...but we've been fortunate enough to be spending that time with people we love :) Last night we got home at 8:10, we still hadn't dyed our eggs!!! (bad bad mommmy) So when we got home last night we dyed eggs and stayed up past our bedtime...but I didn't boil them before we left, thinking we'd be home in time, but we weren't so... well we didn't! We just used unboiled eggs worked fine(shaking head)...with only one causality I might add! After we finished up with the stickers and shrinky dink sleeves, we put out the carrots for the Easter bunny and headed off to bed.

The girls woke up nice and early to see if the he had come. First they checked the step...yep no carrots left...then off to find the baskets. First they found a basket for their cousin who should be here soon..evidently her mom and dad forgot to put carrots out for the bunny :) Then, Bean's basket was too easy to find, and finally Chickpea found hers after many a hint from dad. They got books, play-doh, gold fish, a few jelly beans, and a little chocolate bunny. They were most excited to get play-doh inside of the eggs lol. They're easily pleased, they made this to say Happy Easter ~ Chickpea made the bunny...Beanie made the eggs :)

funny bunny

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