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Shiner |

My poor little beanie has a shiner not just a little one either! She looks like she's been at the loosing end of a boxing match.

She was running around with her sister last night..being nutty as they always are. And somehow managed to whack the bottom corner of her eye on one of our kitchen chairs. It's didn't look too bad just a teeny blue bump right under her eye no bigger than a pea. We iced it for about 20 mins, with a baggie of frozen blue berries, because somehow we were out of ice. Did baths brushed teeth read books got in bed. Still a pea sized blue bump under her eye. Thought nothing more of it really I mean kids do stuff like that all the time, well at least mine do :)

Fast forward to this morning. Bean comes wondering in says 'dood mornin momma' I turn around to scoop her up to give her her good morning hug and....It was bad..I mean like bad enough to make me catch my breath... gone was the teeny pea sized bump and in it's place was a swollen and purple eye!

My poor bean! She seriously looks like she was in a boxing match..I really do think I'm going to invest in a bubble for her!

8web shiner

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Tina said...

What a beautiful shade of purple. Doesn't look like she's been fazed a bit.