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Thank you for your interest I am currently on maternity leave until March of 2010. If you would like to book a session please send an email to or book using the link at the bottom of the blog. I will only be taking 4-6 sessions for the first few months so space is very limited! If you have previously sent an email and have not received a response as of Friday January 22nd please resend your question. Having been on bed rest for so long some communications have been lost in the shuffle! I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your families!

~ Christine Lillard | | 301.325.8290


teeny boy | NICU Photography Washington DC

One of my recent maternity clients had her little one a little early. After a few days of trying to stop her contractions her little man came to join us. He was a little over 4 pounds when he was born. My youngest came early so I remember how hard that is and it all goes by like a blur. I have a few pictures of my visits with bean but I wish I had had more. I went out to capture this time for them as hard as it is right now someday when he's all grown up I think it will be a memory they will treasure.



Art Now for Autisim | Maryland Photographer

I recently donated a photograph to Art Now for Autism. Art Now for Autism is an online fine arts and crafts exhibition and fundraiser benefiting Autism Speaks. It is organized by Claudine Intner, an artist and mother of a child with autism.

The exhibit takes place during October 2008. To learn more, visit They are in their final week of sales so be sure to check out the website and buy yourself beautiful piece of art work while contributing to a great cause!


Just sharing chickpeas birthday invitation she picked out the colors and animal print we're going to have a jungle theme birthday. She is in love with Bindi the Jungle Girl and she loves all animals, she's so excited. It's so much fun to have a baby that is as excited for her birthday as I am! I can not believe she is going to be 4!

Just in case anyone is looking that is coming to the party the day has changed to Sunday :)


.wait. | Baltimore Maternity Photographer

This beautiful mommy is waiting patiently for the arrival of her precious baby boys, on modified bedrest in the hospital. :(

Having gone through both modified bedrest and strict hospital bedrest with my chickies I just had to do her session I remember how hard it was! Her doctors let her up for the day so she could get some shots of her gorgeous belly so she can have some memories of this special time. I hope that toady I broke up her mundane stay at the hospital and pray that those little guys stay put and bake as long as they need to! It was a tight squeeze in her room today but I'm happy that mom had some great light pouring in from at least one of her windows.

It was such a pleasure working with you today J please let me know if I can do anything to help out!


Isn't she just gorgeous the perfect belly :)


2009 Wish Calendar benefiting Hope Alive!

The 2009 Wish Calendar is officially on sale!

It's time!!

The 2009 Wish Calendars are now on sale!

Buy one for every one you know :D

Sample calendar image coming soon!

Purchase the 2009 Wish Calendar by following the 'add to cart' buttons below. Be sure to choose the appropriate shipping or pick up button.

I need mine shipped!

I'll pick mine up


6 months already!? | Maryland Baby Photographer

I had the pleasure of working with miss M and her family for her newborn session when she was weeks old. She was such an easy baby she slept most of the session. Today I arrived at their home to do her 6 month images and was very pleased to see that miss M was still the happy little girl I remembered, just bigger and much more smiley :)

I absolutely love going back to a family! It is wonderful to have the chance to build that relationship with the family. Getting a chance to see these little ones grow is just amazing.

M & T ~ Thank you for welcoming me to your home again. M is just gorgeous, she really did a wonderful job today, it was an absolute pleasure. I look forward to working with your family for years to come!


The Littlest Heros Project | Maryland Photographer

I recently became a member of this wonderful organization and I wanted to post a little information about them and what they do. If you know someone who may benefit please pass the information along!

The Littlest Heroes Project is a non-profit based organization founded in January 2008, made up of professional photographers nationwide that provide free photo sessions to our nations Littlest Heroes. This is our way of giving back and taking a stand for these children who sometimes feel forgotten because of their illnesses. We are here to let them know that they are heroes to many, and to share their inspirational stories and photos with the world.

If you have a child, or know a child, who suffers from any type of serious illness we are here to help. The Littlest Heroes Project provides you with a complimentary photo shoot for your hero and family. Please read the information on this site and be sure to contact us so we can help pair you up with a photographer from your area. The whole family ... Super Sibs and the Brave Parents are welcome to participate in the session as well!

Our mission at The Littlest Heroes Project is to help provide and capture memories for families who are dealing with hectic schedules due to having a child who is suffering from a serious illness or life altering disability. We understand that in the midst of being thrown a diagnosis and having to switch from a “normal” life to a life that is totally different, and often scary, things like getting photos taken is sometimes a huge challenge and is one of the last things families are thinking about. But when everything is done, and either the child has reached the end of their battle, or has proven the odds against it many wish they had more time to stop, and capture the journey that they lived through for so long. Through Littlest Heroes our photographers understand each and every case, and cater it to fit and honor each child and family. Our photographers are on hand to travel to homes, hospitals, clinics, fundraisers, and benefits to help capture your child’s journey in a “Day in the life” sort of style and work personally one on one with your child and entire family to get those special family photos and moments that you can cherish for years to come.


The results are in!

Well after a long day of weeding through pages upon pages of votes the winners are in! With just over 1200 valid votes here are the numbers :)

The winning email address has been chosen as well and one I have their contact info and permission to post their info I will announce them as well! :)













Congratulations to the top 12!! Your children will be featured for an entire month of the 2009 Wish calendar! :)

Runners up don't be discouraged your kiddos images will be appear in the calendar on the thank you page along with sponsors!

Thank you all for participating!

Calendars will go on pre sale the 22nd of October, they will hit the shelves of stores downtown the first week of November!



I have a little thinker on my hands this was taken during a tense negotiation over tv privileges. I'm not sure but she may have gotten just one more show for coming up with a great reason why she needed to watch :P




I'm grateful a little bean who loves to have her picture taken

I'm grateful that I still get huge laughs from the silliest comments


I'm grateful they will always have a best friend. :)




It can't all be smiles and giggles, right?


just kidding :)


she's such a goof pretending to be mad is one of her favorite new pastimes. the pout is always followed by a cheerful 'I not sad now mom'


.something about bugs.

I don't know what it is with bugs and the chickpeas but for some reason they are completely enthralled by them. I guess I did a good job teaching them not to be afraid on bugs! Maybe too good, I but I adore the wonder in her eyes :)

I'm grateful for early morning creepy crawly visitors.



I get asked a lot why I chose the name Eyes of a Child Photography not Christine Lillard Photography or some other variation of the traditional photographers name. My answer is usually two fold. I find eyes intriguing always have, I would constantly doodle eyes as a child/teen, but also I strive for my images to show the innocence, fun and beauty that as adults we sometimes miss.

and for the simple answer

bright eyed & bushy tailed


.bump. | maternity photography maryland |

I had a great session today with a really great couple, they were so much fun. They're expecting their first kiddo! Congratulations you two I can't wait to work with you again! enjoy your peek.



.happy boy. | Frederick MD Child Photography |

I had a great session with a wonderful mommy and her newly 3 year old little man. He was lots of fun to work with and I got a great work out! D thanks for waiting for me! :)



.down to the wire.

The vote for the top image for the Wish Calendar is neck and neck after entering the votes for individuals who weren't able to vote the 2nd 3rd and 4th days. If you still have votes that need counted please get them to me asap.

If the email address matches someone who voted in the first 4 days of voting I will give them a vote per day up until day 5 after that they must clear their own cookies and place the vote themselves.

With over 200 valid votes. There are less than 10 votes separating ALL of the images!!

Sooo.... Remember to VOTE daily with a valid email address! The votes that do not have an email address will NOT count.

Good luck everyone!


FAQs about the calendar vote.

Since I continue to get people asking I thought I'd make a post about this.

When will the Vote Run through?

The vote will end the 15th of October.

I was unable to vote a second time even after waiting 24 hours, whats going on?

It seems that the people who are unable to vote will need to clear their cookies everyday in order to vote everyday. This is not the case for everyone but for some it is.

How can I make my vote from the second and subsequent day votes count?

If you or a contact was unable to vote on the 2nd 3rd or 4th day of voting please forward me their email address. They should not have had a problem with that first vote so if their email matches any of the email address that voted on the first second or third day I will give them credit for each day after their initial vote up until today. After today votes must come in from each individual.

How can I vote everyday?

For those who are having a problem with voting. If you clear your cookies you will be able to vote without issue.

I apologize for the confusion I tested the poll out on my own and my husbands computer and we had no issues voting once per day per email address. The good news there is plenty of time left to gather your friends and family for voting everyday!



.friends. | Frederick MD Child Photography |

Today I had the pleasure of meeting two photographer friends and I could not have had a better time! Thank you ladies for coming out! what a nice day! I hope we can get together more often!

I'm grateful for people who don't mind waiting all day for the perfect light :)


more images to come off to bed now :)


Copyright Law

Action is needed from as many people as possible to prevent our current copyright law/protection from becoming worthless. Please help prevent the single most damaging bill for artists of every venue - but especially visual artists like graphic designers and photographers! A bill, dubbed "Orphan Works," legislation was hotlined through the Senate while all eyes were on the financial issues. The "Orphan Works" bill, as passed in the Senate Sept 26th, would rob thousands of people of their copyright protection, and allow any outside person/corporation to TAKE OUR WORK and use it, with NO COMPENSATION to the original artist, as long as they claim they "couldn't find" the copyright-holder. That is a simple matter of removing our name from a file, then the work can be dubbed "orphaned" and used WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION for ANYTHING they want to use it for! This bill would also force us to "register" EVERY SINGLE PIECE of our work with private registries, which could cost thousands of dollars for photographers and graphic artists, as we produce literally thousands of works each year! (Think about how many pictures a professional photographer takes in just ONE WEEK or how many graphics can be produced in ONE DAY!)

PLEASE pass this along to everyone you can - this is extremely critical, as this bill will deprive artists, photographers, etc. of the income they depend on!

The Senate has just passed their version of the Orphan Works Bill (on Sept. 26th). Now we must try to stop the House Judiciary Committee from folding their bill and adopting the Senate version. Here is a link to a special letter for this purpose.

Email Congress now!


.two peas. | | Frederick Maryland Sibling Photography |

My chicks are 18 months apart almost to the day...(10 days off) They both have blond hair the same bluish green eyes. I think that's where the similarities end though.

Beanie is just too funny, my little comedian, shy, sweet, crazy, rebel, caring, princess and bug lover. my guess is she'll be the 'free spirit'

Chickpea is outgoing, she will be in a journey cover band when she gets older lol, caring, excitable, literal, no princesses allowed, book worm. I think she'll be an animal doctor just like she tells me every day.

They're both just beautiful and perfect! Although I am their mommy so I guess I'm a little biased :P

I'm grateful that the two peas can be so close and still have so many things that make them so different.

.two peas.


ready | set | VOTE! { maryland charity photography }

It's time! time to vote for your favorite image to appear inthe 2009 Wish Calendar benefiting Hope Alive!

Pick the top three images that you would like to see appear in the Wish Calendar. To have your vote count enter your email address in the other box. that will also enter your name in the drawing for the voter who will win a free session simply enter your email address in the other box. One vote per day per email address. Remember the image with the most votes will win a canvas from their session or the creative fee towards a session winners choice!

Than kyou for your votes the poll is now closed!

.hard. | NILMDTS

I am a volunteer for a non profit called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. Last night I did my first volunteer session with them. Before I left I argued with myself for an hour that I didn't need to go that someone would be there to do it since photographer Chris Vigliotti had already volunteered, but it was his first time going and for some reason I felt compelled to go. This session was heart wrenching and I was able to get through it because I went along with Chris.

I'm so glad that this organization is out there for families, as hard as it is to do, I can't imagine the grief this family is feeling and I hope the images we took of their beautiful daughter help them through this process of healing.